• 1- What is Qawaem System?

    Qawaem system is an e-filing application wherein the companies (LLC, JSC and Establishments) in Saudi Arabia will be able to submit their financial information to SBC.

    2- What are the recommended browsers and versions for accessing the Qawaem portal?

    The new Qawaem portal is best viewed using the following browser versions:

    • Internet Explorer- Version 10.0 and above
    • Mozilla Firefox- Version 29 and above
    • Google Chrome -34 and above
    • Safari - 5.1.7 and above
    3- Why does the calendar display loading sign when I click on the calendar control in the registration page?

    This issue is due to the slow internet connection. The calendar will work properly on adequate internet speed.

    4- Who can upload XBRL files onto the Qawaem portal?

    Users who are registered in Qawaem system and have "preparation of financial statements" rights assigned to them.

    5- I entered the company's Financial End date in "Create Financial statement" page and uploaded the required documents and all the required fields, but still the application is displaying "Financial End date is not matching" error message?

    The application will allow only those filings where the Financial Year End date from i-file tool matches the Financial Year End date to the "Create Financial statement" page. If these dates doesn't match, then the application displays "Financial End date is not matching" error message.

    6- Who can register in Qawaem system?

    Individuals from Companies, Audit firms and Government Departments who have valid National ID card or Residence permits (Iqama),can register into Qawaem system.

    7- What are the documents required for User registration?

    An authorization letter (maximum 2MB), duly signed and stamped by the company applying for registration. This letter should be authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The letter should be submitted to SBC in order to activate the username in the system.

    8- What are the documents that are required for filing process?

    To submit a company's filing, the user needs to upload the following files:

    • You must download and fill-in XBRL document, to download the program click here.
    • Financial statement (PDF)
    • Authorization letter (Optional)
    9- How do I register in the e-Filing System?

    You can register by clicking on the link "New User Registration".

    10- How can I recover my password?

    You can recover your password by clicking on "forgot password" link in the login page. To go to the log in page, please click here

    11- How can I get the Qawaem XBRL tool?

    You can download Qawaem XBRL from the download page.

    12- How can a company/auditor admin be changed?

    A company /auditor admin can be changed through his own account. The admin can choose any registered user to be the new admin through the following steps:

    • Log in to your account in Qawaem system.
    • From the left side menu, click on "User Management" and then click on "Edit User".
    • From the users list, choose the user you want to be the admin, and click on edit.
    • The user permissions will appear, choose "Assign User Role as Company Admin".
    • Click on "Confirm".
    13- Can a User be associated with multiple entities?

    Yes. A User can be associated with more than one entity and can also use the same user name and password.

    14- How I can track my filing status in Qawaem system?

    You can track your company's filing through the following steps:

    • Log in to Qawaem system.
    • From the left side menu, click on "Financial Statement Filing".
    • Click on "Outstanding Submission". You can view the status of your company's filing through clicking on the link in the Filing Status column.
    15- Who can View my company information?

    Ministry of Commerce, authorized government departments, company user of the particular company and other companies that you have authorized to view your company's financial information.

    16- Can Audit firms submit my company information such as Corporate Announcement, Company Information and Board Profile on behalf of the company?

    No, only the company can submit web-form filings (Company's Information) like Corporate Announcement, Company Information, Board Profile and Board of Director's report.

    17- Can I download the company's financial information?

    Yes, you can download the company's financial information in XBRL, Excel and PDF form.

    • Log in to Qawaem system.
    • From the left side menu, click on "Company information".
    • Click on "Financial Statements".
    • Click on "Financial Statements PDF".
    • Specify the financial statement year and choose the file.

Last Update : 16 Septamber 2020